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Collectively speaking, the instructors of VA Scuba, Compass Dive and Sail, and Culebra Divers have 100+ years of experience in scuba diving, diving instruction, and thousands of dives between them. We love this sport and industry so much that we made career changes to do what we love. So, you could say that we are drinking our own Kool-Aid. As a result, we have come together to create a professional training program that will take you down the professional pathway from the beginning or improve upon your skills and take your current professional credentials to new levels. We will inspire, teach and hone your skills and help you achieve a professional rating capable of taking you anywhere in the world to teach, guide and work in this exhilarating industry.


You have already joined the few on the planet who have seen another world just by venturing underwater. Simply reading a website and digesting the content is not enough to take this type of decision. This is a big step; we know all too well. We encourage you to fill out our Contact form and we will arrange a time to meet with you virtually or in-person to discuss your “pathway” to a successful Professional Scuba career.

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Your Instructional Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We are all independent business owners, operators and dive enthusiasts. We travel the world, sail, dive and explore above and below the waterline.

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